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Thematic Guides for Dystopian Literature
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Dystopian Literature-- Using several literary elements from the book, make an argument about the author’s commentary on a social, political or cultural issue and why it is still relevant today by analyzing at least three connections to modern (post 1960) events as they pertain to your novel.

Link to a handout that gives further definition of this topic is here

Criminal Fiction-- Using various resources you will present research on a unsolved mystery. You will present theories, known facts to support those theories, unexplained aspects of the mystery and lastly propose a solution to the mystery by supporting a pre-existing theory or proposing your own interpretation. Link to a handout that gives further definition of this topic is here


Research Requirements
  • AP Literature 7-8 Pages (exclusive of documentation)
  • CP Literature 6-7 Pages (exclusive of documentation)
  • MLA formatting *
  • 6 reliable and age-appropriate sources including your novel
    • These sources should come from a variety of places
    • At least one of these sources must be acquired at the Chestnut Hill Library

* MLA Style Help

Dystopian Literature Examples

Crime Fiction Examples

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