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Program information
Logue Library recognizes the value of student contribution to the library. The Student Library Advisory Board is an opportunity for students to affect positive change with Logue Library services and events while gaining essential leadership and community participation skills. The primary objective is to facilitate communications and the exchange of ideas between the student body and the library staff in order to better address student needs, improve existing services, and provide new services.

This is an unpaid volunteer position.

The purpose of the Student Library Advisory Board is to provide a channel of communication between students and library staff. The board will provide feedback and suggestions about ways in which Logue Library can better serve the CHC community. Students will be encouraged to suggest agenda items of concern for the consideration of the Board to address at meetings.

We’re looking for students who:

  • Have a good work ethic
  • Are responsible
  • Take initiative
  • Have great ideas
  • Love learning/teaching
  • Have a desire to help
  • Are involved in campus life (or are looking to become involved!)
  • Are ready for any good work

Why join?

  • Obtain valuable leadership experience
  • Help improve the library experience to best meet student needs
  • Meet new friends and become involved in campus life
  • Learn about the library, how it works, and the profession
  • Build job resume
  • Earn community service hours
  • Be truly appreciated for your help!

What does it entail?

  • Help plan and implement library events
  • Provide input on services
  • Provide insight into the student study, research, and library use habits
  • Help communicate information about events, services, and resources to the CHC community

Earn community service hours by:

  • Participating in monthly meetings
  • Assisting with library events

Examples of the types of topics with which you can help:

  • Is the library a comfortable place to be? How can it be made more comfortable?
  • How can the library best support student academic work?
  • What events would students enjoy most? At what times of day?

Direct feedback from students will help improve Logue Library services and resources. It will allow library staff to better understand, communicate with, and market resources/events to students.

Expectations for student members
Students will weigh in on items proposed by library staff. Student members may also suggest agenda items for consideration of the Board relating to library services, events, and areas for targeted improvement. Most importantly, student members will act as leaders and liaisons between fellow students and the library. Students are required to attend all meetings and events, as their schedule allows.

Time Commitment
Monthly meetings during the academic year – approximately 1 hour each
Assist with events – varies

Members are appointed by library staff.
Membership terms are per semester during the academic year.
Apply for membership by completing the application below.

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