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HIST330 - Women's Activism in the Modern World: Get Started

Revolution, War & Peace: Women's Activism in the Modern World

Finding Your Topic

Where to find Ideas:

  • Class discussions and readings
  • Books and eBoooks
  • Web-based reference

Gather Background Information

Why Bother With Background Information?

  • Get a better idea how your topic relates to other issues and the broader world.  
  • Determining all aspects of an issue helps with narrowing the focus
  • Identify people related to the topic, who you can research in article databases

Narrow the Topic

Even if you have a specific person in mind, you might need to narrow the focus some to be able to manage the scope. An entire biography can be written (and maybe HAS been written!), so you'll want to focus on an aspect of her life around her activism. 

Three W's of Getting Specific

  • What? What aspect of the broader topic -- the woman's life, the organization's existence, the women of a particular country -- is interesting to you?
  • Where?  Is there a specific area or region on which you would like to focus? 
  • When?  What is the specific time period (between the late eighteenth century and today) of your focus?

Considering all of these things now will help you in the next steps, when you begin to draft an outline.

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