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ENGL101 / 105 - Research Paper Assignment Guide: Gather & Assess Information

What is Your Topic?

Search articles, books, eBooks and more below

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Google Scholar Search

Other Resources

Evaluate the Source & the Information

What sort of article do you need? 

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Don't be afraid of a scholarly article!
Here are some helpful tips for conquering peer reviewed material:

How to Limit or Expand Search Results

EBSCO Discovery Search Result Image


Looking at the image above:

  1. A very broad search brings in a bazillion results!
  2. Adding  another search term focuses the results when you use the AND connecter.
  3. The more search terms you add, the fewer results.
  4. To expand the results, de-select an irrelevant area of study from the list of limiters.
  5. (Not pictured) To further narrow the results, select other limiters on the list offered (below the limiters shown), such as "Peer Reviewed"
    (Note: When looking for book results, de-select "Peer Reviewed.")
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