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How do I login off campus?


Scenario: The Griffin can't login to Logue's Databases

What to do if your CHC Password is not working...

Question #1: Chestnut Hill College's The Griffin can't remember his login to access peer-reviewed journals from Logue Library.  He knows the personal password that he created and thinks that his login is  He continues to login until his credentials are locked.

Answer: The login for Logue Library should not contain the  If you use it, you will not get access.  If you continue to do this, the system will block you because of the login issue.  

Remember: The Griffin username is griffint combined with his password.  This is the correct way to login to Logue's databases.

Question #2: What should the Griffin do now that they are locked out of their CHC Account?


(a) Contact the Logue Librarians at Librarians@chc.eduThey will tell him to contact the IT Dept. to get his password reset. Or they will email him a handout with instructions to reset his password himself.

(b) Contact the IT Dept. directly at or phone (215) 248-7195

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