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New Books Concerning Harry Potter

Many of our students grew up reading Harry Potter and as college student, they are still interested in the significance and influences of the young wizard. Of course the Quidditch tournament is a fall favorite. The 4th annual Harry Potter Conference was held on Friday October 16, 2015. Logue Library has recently acquired these titles concerning Harry Potter.

Cover Art
What's a Christian to Do with Harry Potter? - Connie Neal
Call Number: BR128 .N48 N43 2001
ISBN: 9781578564712
Contents: 1: Harry Potter is Here ... and He's Not Going Away -- Mad About Harry! -- Harry Potter 101 -- Classic Fantasy or Blatant Witchcraft? -- Why Kids (and Kids at Heart) Love Harry -- What Would Jesus Do with Harry Potter? -- Beware the Dangers of the Debate -- Protecting Kids from Real-World Occult -- Be in the World but Not of the World -- Harry Potter and the Judeo-Christian Ethic -- Use Harry Potter to Help Kids Grow in Goodness -- Using Harry Potter to Preach the Gospel

Cover Art
Exploring Harry Potter: Beacham's Sourcebooks for Teaching Young Adult Fiction - Elizabeth D. Schafer
Call Number: PR830 .Y68 S38 2000
ISBN: 9780933833579
Welcome to Harry's world -- Pottermania -- Harry's appeal -- Sales, prizes, and fame -- Harry in translation -- Harry's fans -- Merchandise -- Harry in the newspaper and on screen -- Harry's detractors -- The Whitbread prize controversy -- Interpretative biography of J.K. Rowling -- Early life -- Early career -- Harry's beginning -- Finding a publisher -- Harry's success -- Harry encouraging reading skills -- Objections to Harry Potter and Rowling's response -- Vocabulary -- Reading Harry -- Characters and themes -- The cast -- Harry versus Voldemort -- Harry's early life -- Harry the hero -- Harry's heroic transformation -- Harry, Ron and Hermione: the wizardly trio -- The Dursleys -- Harry's teachers and the significance of their names -- Harry's peers -- Adult wizards -- Magical animals and creatures -- Ghosts, plants, and personified props -- Vocabulary -- Setting -- Landscape and distance -- Welcome to Hogwarts -- Life at Hogwarts -- Hogwarts's rooms and architecture -- On Hogwarts's grounds -- Near Hogwarts -- Hogsmeade -- The Shrieking Shack -- The tunnels -- London settings -- Harry's two worlds -- Unusual and unseen settings -- School life -- School days -- Hogwarts house membership -- Making the grade -- The curriculum -- Preparing for school -- Between classes -- Outside of class -- Food -- Nourishing thoughts -- Sports -- The sporting life -- Mount your brooms -- Team spirit -- On the sidelines -- Geography -- Geographical overview of the British Isles -- England -- Scotland.

Cover Art
From Alice to Harry Potter: children's fantasy in England. - Colin Manlove
Call Number: PR888 .F3 M36 2003
ISBN: 9781877275555
Contents: Victorian children's fantasy -- The long idyll : 1900-1950 -- Into a new world : 1950-1970 -- Rebellion and reaction : the 1970s -- Playing with reality : the 1980s -- Frightened of the dark : the 1990s.

Cover Art
Frodo and Harry : Understanding visual media and its impact on our lives. - Ted Baehr; Tom Snyder
Call Number: PR6039 .O32 L6324 2003
ISBN: 9781581345599
Preface : divine encounters and parables -- It's only a movie -- and other star wars -- Something about Harry -- The ring of truth -- Cosmic battles for beauty, virtue and honor -- Pillars of media wisdom -- Caring is only daring -- Once upon a time : worldviews, fantasy, myth, and beyond -- The church, the media, and culture -- Asking the right questions about Frodo and Harry -- Conclusion : seek wisdom, knowledge, and understanding.

Cover Art
Harry Potter and the Bible : the menace behind the magick. - Richard Abanes
Call Number: PR6068 .O93 Z52 2001
ISBN: 9780889652019
Part One: The World of Harry Potter. 1. Sorcery in a Stone: A Brief Summary -- 2. Sorcery in a Stone: A Closer Look -- 3. Enter the Chamber: A Brief Summary -- 4. Enter the Chamber: A Closer Look -- 5. Azkaban's Prisoner: A Brief Summary -- 6. Azkaban's Prisoner: A Closer Look -- 7. Goblet of Death: A Brief Summary -- 8. Goblet of Death: A Closer Look -- Part Two: Out of the Darkness. 9. The Enduring Battle: Good versus Evil -- 10. The Enduring Battle: Choosing Sides -- 11. Beyond Fantasy: An American Tale -- 12. Beyond Fantasy: Tolkien, Lewis and Rowling -- 13. Lessons Learned: Comments and Controversies -- 14. Lessons Learned: Closing Thoughts.

Cover Art
Muggles and Magic : J.K. Rowling and the Harry Potter phenomenon - George Beahm; Tim Kirk (Illustrator)
Call Number: PR6068 .O93 Z53 2004
ISBN: 9781571744128
The real world of Joanne Rowling -- A writer's life -- Harry Potter : screen magic -- A look at the books -- Harry Potter merchandise -- Harry Potter websites.

Cover Art
A Charmed Life : the spirituality of Potterworld - Francis Bridger
Call Number: R6068 .O93 Z56 2002
ISBN: 9780385506656
Introduction : The riddle house -- The dark mark : demonic creation or daredevil hero? -- The mirror of Erised : the attraction of Potterworld -- The man with two faces : the moral universe of Potterworld -- The death eaters : the theology of Potterworld -- The journey from Platform Nine and Three-Quarters : the metaphysics of Potterworld -- The beginning : responding to Potterworld

Cover Art
Field Guide to Harry Potter - Colin Duriez
Call Number: PR6068 .O93 Z64 2007
ISBN: 9780830834303
The life and times of J.K. Rowling -- Key themes in Harry Potter -- J.K. Rowling's spiritual worldview -- Images of good and evil -- Standing in the great tradition of children's literature -- The storyteller's craft -- An A-Z of beings, places, things and events

Cover Art
The Hidden Key to Harry Potter : understanding the meaning, genius, and popularity of Joanne Rowling's Harry Potter novels - John Granger
Call Number: PR6068 .O93 Z677 2002
ISBN: 9780972322102
Part one: Taking Harry seriously -- Critical response to Harry Potter -- Harry Potter 101, or the maps and influences chapter -- Prejudice in Harry Potter -- Death and bereavement in Harry Potter -- Part two: The secret of Harry Potter -- Choice in Harry Potter -- Transfiguration, transformation, and alchemical transmutations in Harry Potter -- The symbolist outlook -- Story and character symbolism in Harry Potter -- Symbols of Christ in Harry Potter -- The ironic secret of Harry Potter -- Part three: The meaning of Harry Potter: a book-by-book look -- The meaning of Philosopher's stone -- The meaning of Chamber of secrets -- The meaning of Prisoner of Azkaban -- The meaning of Goblet of fire -- The meaning of the Harry Potter titles -- The meaning of Harry's name -- Part four: What will happen with Harry? -- The folly of prediction: what we can and cannot know -- Who is Harry Potter? -- Is Snape with us or against us? and other questions that need answering -- What happens next book by book

Cover Art
Looking for God in Harry Potter - John Granger
Call Number: PR6068 .O93 Z678 2004
ISBN: 9781414300917
Introduction: A parental shift from alarm to approval -- Magic, fantasy, and the Christian worldview : the "sorcery" in Harry Potter supports biblical teaching, not practice of the occult -- God's army versus the servants of Satan? : The Harry Potter novels revolve around the central conflict of good and evil -- The hero's Christlike journey : Harry's adventures take him through life, death, and resurrection -- The alchemy of spiritual growth : the story cycles are built on the stages of transformation -- One person, two natures : Doppelgängers point to the struggle of dual natures--and their resolution in the God-Man -- Christian answers to big questions : surprise endings suggest a remedy for the evils of prejudice -- The triumph of love over death : the mystery of death meets the ultimate answer -- The question of identity : Harry defines himself through choices, change, and destiny -- Evidence of things unseen : the symbols in Potterdom are powerful pointers to Christian reality -- Fun with names : the character names are delightful puzzles with hidden Christian meanings -- The purification of the soul : Christian keys to Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone -- Dangerous books and edifying books : Christian keys to Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets -- Despair and delivery : Christian keys to Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban -- Girded with virtue : Christian keys to Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire -- Dark night of the soul : Christian keys to Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix -- The power of Christian artistry : keys to the future and legacy of the Harry Potter series -- Appendix: Speaking of God in Harry Potter.

Cover Art
The Ivory Tower and Harry Potter : perspectives on a literary phenomenon - Lana A. Whited (Editor, Introduction by)
Call Number: PR6068 .O93 Z734 2002
ISBN: 9780826214430
Harry's cousins in the magical realm. Harry Potter and the secret password : finding our way in the magical genre -- The education of a wizard : Harry Potter and his predecessors -- Harry's roots in epic, myth, and folklore. In medias res : Harry Potter as hero-in-progress -- Of magicals and muggles : reversals and revulsions at Hogwarts -- Harry Potter : fairy tale prince, real boy, and archetypal hero -- Harry's other literary relatives. Harry Potter and the extraordinariness of the ordinary -- Harry Potter, Tom Brown, and the British school story : lost in transit? -- Greater than gold in Gringotts : questions of authority and values. Crowning the king : Harry Potter and the construction of authority -- What would Harry do? J.K. Rowling and Lawrence Kohlberg's theories of moral development -- Gender issues and Harry Potter. Hermione Granger and the heritage of gender -- Locating Harry Potter in the "boys' book" market -- Harry's language : taking issue with words. You say "jelly," I say "jell-o"? Harry Potter and the transfiguration of language -- Harry Potter and the tower of Babel : translating the magic -- Commodity and culture in the world of Harry Potter. Specters of Thatcherism : contemporary British culture in J.K. Rowling's Harry Potter series -- Harry Potter and the technology of magic -- Apprentice wizards welcome : fan communities and the culture of Harry Potter

Cover Art
The Wisdom of Harry Potter : what our favorite hero teaches us about moral choices - Edmund M. Kern
Call Number: PR6068 .O93 Z735 2003
ISBN: 9781591021339
1. Imaginatively updating an old-fashioned future -- 2. Plot threads and moral fibers -- 3. Harry Potter's morality on display : a primer on stoic virtue -- 4. Greed, conventionality, demonic threat -- 5. Imagination, history, legend, and myth

J. K. Rowling : her life and works - SparkNotes Staff (Editor)
Call Number: PR6068 .O93 Z76 2003
ISBN: 9781586638399

Cover Art
The Order of Harry Potter : [literary skill in the Hogwarts epic] - Colin Manlove
Call Number: PR6068 .O93 Z76346 2010
ISBN: 9781936294053

Cover Art
The Gospel According to Harry Potter : spirituality in the stories of the world's most famous seeker. - Connie Neal
Call Number: PR6068 .O93 Z78 2002
ISBN: 9780664226015
Glimmers of the gospel in book one : Harry Potter and the sorcerer's stone -- Glimmers of the gospel in book two : Harry Potter and the chamber of secrets -- Glimmers of the gospel in book three : Harry Potter and the prisoner of Azkaban -- Glimmers of the gospel in book four : Harry Potter and the goblet of fire

Cover Art
Harry Potter and Imagination : the way between two worlds - Travis Prinzi
Call Number: PR6068 .O93 Z833 2009
ISBN: 9780982238516

Cover Art
The Psychology of Harry Potter : an unauthorized examination of the boy who lived - Neil Mulholland (Editor)
Call Number: PR6068 .O93 Z835 2006
ISBN: 9781932100884
What do students learn from Hogwarts classes? -- Harry's curiosity -- Intergroup conflict in the world of Harry Potter -- "Have you got what it takes to train security trolls?" -- Hogwarts Academy -- Attachment styles at Hogwarts -- What Harry and Fawkes have in common -- Harry Potter and the resilience to adversity -- Discovering magic -- Magical world of Muggles -- Time and time again -- Social dynamics of power and cooperation in the wizarding world -- Mental illness in the world of wizardry -- "Dobby had to iron his hands, sir!" : self-inflicted cuts, burns, and bruises in Harry Potter -- Werewolf in the wardrobe -- Exploring the dark side -- Harry Potter and the word that shall not be named -- Evolution, development, and the magic of Harry Potter -- Using psychological treatment with Harry -- Defense against the real dark arts -- Resisting social influence -- Harry Potter and the magic of transformation

Cover Art
Who Killed Albus Dumbledore? : what really happened in Harry Potter and the half-blood prince? : Six expert Harry Potter detectives examine the evidence - John Granger
Call Number: PR6068 .O93 Z878 2006
ISBN: 9780972322119
Introduction: Fun during the interlibrum John Granger -- Why Half-blood prince is the best Harry Potter novel John Granger -- The curse of the Black family tree Wendy B. Harte -- How Dumbledore and Slughorn used magic--and stage magic--and fooled us all Sally M. Gallo -- The locket, the cup, Nagini, Harry, and the Mirror of Erised Daniela Teo -- Mourning for her own true love Swythyv (a LiveJournal experience) -- Welcome to my murder : act 1 Joyce Odell -- Brandy and revelations in the library The Usual Suspects -- Afterword: About the children's high-level group.

Cover Art
The Sociology of Harry Potter : 22 enchanting essays on the wizarding world - Jenn Sims (Editor)
Call Number: PR6068 .O93 Z8873 2012
ISBN: 9781936294183
Why a sociology of Harry Potter? -- Definitions : an introduction to sociology -- Social Space : "It's the best place for him" : the magical uses of space -- Technology : "Never trust anything that can think for itself if you can't see where it keeps its brain!" : the social shaping of technology in the wizarding world -- Social networks : "Who'd want to be friends with you?" : an analysis of friendship networks at Hogwarts -- Social structure & personality : "I can teach you how to bottle fame, brew glory, and even stopper death" : pedagogy of the Half-Blood Prince -- Crime : "Or dear Bellatrix, who likes to play with her food before she eats it" : why we need Death Eaters -- Economy : "I expect your parents will go hungry for a month to pay for that lot" : reciprocity, recognition and moral worth in the wizarding economy -- Family : "You have never treated Harry as a son" : the politics of motherhood in the wizarding world -- Health care : "She'd have been locked up in St. Mungo's for good" : magical maladies and medicine -- Prejudice : "Said Hufflepuff: I take the lot and treat them just the same" : the magical illusion of inclusion -- Stigma : "Filthy half-breeds, Mudbloods, and disgusting little squibs" : social stigma in wizarding Britain -- Group membership : "Let the sorting now begin" : Hogwarts houses, clubs, secret societies, and their Muggle world reflections -- Boundary work : "The whole point of the tournament is international magical cooperation" : resisting a unified wizarding collective identity -- Collective memory : "A thought that still haunts me" : using a magical lens to study collective memory and cultural trauma among Muggles -- Gender : "Or she" : gender (in)equality in wizarding social institutions -- Race : "Wanagoballwitme?" : inter 'racial' dating at Hogwarts -- Species : "An owl or a cat or a toad" : animals as substitutions in the wizarding world -- Sexuality : "You'll never know love or friendship, and I feel sorry for you" : Voldemort as a queer child -- The Internet : "Differences of habit and language are nothing at all if our aims are identical and our hearts are open" : fan fiction as a forum for the sociological imagination of the new millennium -- The East : "A world that's entirely our own" : Indian response to the British wizarding world -- The world : "Either must die at the hands of the other" : religious reactions to Harry Potter -- Hogwarts Department of Sociology.

Cover Art
The Complete Idiot's Guide to the World of Harry Potter - Tere Stouffer
Call Number: PR6068 .O93 Z888 2007
ISBN: 9781592575992
Wizards, monsters, and creatures of all sorts. Wizards, witches, and warlocks ; Creatures of all shapes and sizes -- Where and how the wizards are. The wizard's wardrobe and toolbox ; How wizards spend their days ; Getting around: modes of transportation ; The sporting life: Quiddich, chess, and other games -- Magical places. Where the witches go in London ; Hogwarts School and Hogsmeade ; International wizarding schools -- Spells, potions, and other ways of performing magic. Herbology 101 ; Round about the cauldron go: draughts and potions ; Watch what you say: spells, charms, hexes, jinxes, and curses ; Advanced wizardry -- Regulating magic and the wizards who perform it. The Ministry of Magic ; Crime and punishment ; The final word.

Cover Art
The Ultimate Harry Potter and Philosophy : Hogwarts for Muggles - William Irwin; Gregory Bassham (Editor)
Call Number: PR6068 .O93 Z8888 2010
ISBN: 9780470398258
Foreward / by Tom Morris -- Introduction: Harry Potter and the enchantment of philosophy -- Part 1: The horcrux of the matter : destiny, identity, and the soul. The soul in Harry Potter ; Sirius Black : man or dog? ; Destiny in the wizarding world / Jeremy Pierce -- Part 2: The most powerful magic of all. Choosing love : the redemption of Severus Snape ; Love potion no. 9 3/4 ; Harry Potter, radical feminism, and the power of love -- Part 3: Potterwatch : freedom and politics. Patriotism, house loyalty, and the obligations of belonging ; Dumbledore's politics / Beth Admiraal and Regan Lance Reitsma ; Dumbledore, Plato, and the lust for power -- Part 4: The room of requirement : a Potter potpourri. Is Dumbledore gay? Who's to say? ; Choices vs. abilities : Dumbledore on self-understanding ; The magic of personal transformation ; Just in your head? J. K. Rowling on separating reality from illusion ; A pensieve for your thoughts? Harry Potter and the magic of memory ; A Hogwarts education : the good, the bad, and the ugly -- Part 5: Beyond the veil : death, hope, and meaning. The real secret of the phoenix : moral regeneration through death ; Beyond Godric's Hollow : life after death and the search for meaning ; Why Harry and Socrates decide to die : virtue and the common good.

Cover Art
The Science of Harry Potter : how magic really works - Roger Highfield
Call Number: Q162 .H54 2002
ISBN: 9780670031535
Introduction: the science of magic -- pt. I. (1. Broomsticks, time travel and splinching ; 2. How to play Quidditch without leaving the ground ; 3. The invisibility cloak, sorting hat and other spellbinding apparel ; 4. The mathematics of evil ; 5. Owls, snails & skrewts ; 6. Magizoology ; 7. Bertie Bott's every flavor beans) -- pt. II. 8. Stars, mystic chickens and superstitious pigeons ; 9. The greatest wizard ; 10. There be dragons, really ; 11. The potions master ; 12. The origins of witchcraft ; 13. The philosopher's stone ; 14. Belief, superstition and magic ; 15. The magic of science).


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